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Sören HOLMBERG University of Gothenburg, Göteborg GU

The aim of the QoG Social Policy Dataset is to promote cross-national comparative research on social policy output and its correlates, with a special focus on the connection between social policy and Quality of Government (QoG). The QoG Basic dataset is available in both time-series (TS) and cross-section (CS). In our TS dataset the unit of analysis is country-year (e.g. Sweden-1984, Sweden-1985 and so on). The CS dataset, unlike the TS dataset, does not include multiple years for a particular country and the unit of analysis is therefore countries.

Qog dataset

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Our web survey is an ongoing project and we are continuously updating the data to increase the number of participating experts and the number of countries represented by the survey. Corpus ID: 154882980. THE QOG STANDARD DATASET @inproceedings{Samanni2011THEQS, title={THE QOG STANDARD DATASET}, author={Marcus Samanni and S. Holmberg and B. Rothstein}, year={2011} } QoG Standard Data. The QoG Standard dataset is our largest dataset. It consists of approximately 2500 variables from more than 100 data sources. In the QoG Standard CS dataset, data from and around 2013 is included.

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Skillnaden mellan lång (long) och bred (wide) data. # scatterplot of institiution quality and quality of life, by colonial status gg_wbgi_hdi_col <-ggplot (data = qog, # dataset to work from mapping = aes (x = wbgi_cce, # x axis y = undp_hdi, # y axis colour = factor (former_col))) + # make sure former_col is treated as nominal geom_point + # make it a scatterplot labs (title = "Relation between institutional quality and HDI by colonial past But this dataset has much more of an IPE focus than the QoG data and includes various measures of exchange-rate classifications, financial openness, tariffs/trade policy, membership in international organizations, and such that are not currently in the QoG data. QoG - Quality of Government Institute.

Qog dataset

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Qog dataset

QoG-  I QoG-institutets expert undersökning av 107 länder finns ett mått på i vilket 2011. The QoG Expert Survey Dataset.

These variables have no missing data: these measures are available for every country in the dataset. We also give this dataset a different name, qog, to prevent confusion. We are interested here in how democratic indicators are related to political stability. We might hypothesise that more democratic countries tend to be more politically stable. Corpus ID: 154882980. THE QOG STANDARD DATASET @inproceedings{Samanni2011THEQS, title={THE QOG STANDARD DATASET}, author={Marcus Samanni and S. Holmberg and B. Rothstein}, year={2011} } The QoG Basic Dataset is easier to use, offering the most used and the most qualitative variables in terms of data from the QoG Standard Dataset.
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Qog dataset

This dataset is meant to promote cross-national  Slutligen är The EU Regional. Dataset en enkätundersökning om korruption på regional nivå som genomförts av QoG-institutet i EU:s medlemsstater år 2010  Dem, QoG in Gothenburg, H-Data in Lund, the European Policy Lab based in UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset v.19.1, 1946-2018. av J Högström · 2013 · Citerat av 9 — (2008) do not include effectiveness of government in their definition of QoG. However, I argue 65 The variable is collected from QoG dataset. 66 The equation  Hjärtligt välkomna till QoG-institutets praktikerkonferens Institutet för forskning QoG Standard Dataset ( ) 194 länder 869 variabler WII (vad det är) - variabler  av A Cornell · Citerat av 1 — Government dataset, QoG (Teorell et al., 2008).

University of Gothenburg. Quality of Government Institute  av M Samanni · Citerat av 5 — Att välfärdsstaten respektive QoG skulle ha en positiv effekt på lyckan och andel protestanter är taget via The Quality of Government Dataset (Teorell et al. The QoG Expert Survey Dataset II. University of Gothenburg: The Quality of Government Institute. Teorell, Jan, Stefan Dahlberg, Sören  The quality of government dataset, version 20Dec13.
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dpi_system Regime Type . Oct 15, 2013 The Datasets. We provide two versions of the QoG Expert Survey data (see codebook). The first is an individual- level dataset, where all experts  May 17, 2019 a necessary condition for QoG[Quality of Government], it is hardly This thesis will use the Cross-Section (CS), QoG Standard Dataset. Oct 10, 2016 Quality of Government Institute (QoG) – Assembled Dataset. Reference: Teorell, Jan, Stefan Dahlberg, Sören Holmberg, Bo Rothstein, Anna  May 2, 2019 Moreover, people in low QoG countries holding leftist political value and the Quality of Government Basic Cross-Section dataset (Teorell et al. Nov 18, 2015 The Quality of Government (QOG) Standard dataset 2015, published by the University of.

Default 2019. data_dir: a path to a cache directory. In order to determine which country is the overall best country for living a long happy life, I’ve decided to rate each country on 10 dimensions (based on the availability of such data in the QoG dataset).
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Måtten Gothenburg: The Quality of Government Institute, Källa: OECD (2016c) och OECD Regional Statistics Database. Källa: Beräkningar från GD REGIO baserat på QoG Expert Survey Dataset II. emerging data set, Revista de ciencia política, 29: 741-773. in Europe 1983-2007 (Göteborg: QoG Working Paper Series 2009:10). Nicholas  Teorell, Jan and Holmberg, Sören and Rothstein, Bo (2006) The Quality of Government Dataset.

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Sören HOLMBERG University of Gothenburg, Göteborg GU

Scholars who wish to use this dataset in their research are kindly requested to cite both the original source (as  qoguse loades the most recent release of the Quality of Government (QoG) datasets from the internet into memory. If you don`t need the complete dataset, you can  URL:; Description. Offers a range of datasets on indicators of Quality of Government and all things related. The QoG Social Policy Dataset.